These days are wavic. From Coronavirus, to Xiao Zhan, to Dow Jones' fusing, to a propably worldwide financial crisis. While it's nearly a month from when I wrote the last criticize Small Talk.

I do have some words occuping my mind. I'm angry to the worsing situation, domestic and global. I'm sad about my invest loss, and I have friends who's crude investment just shrinked by half and more. I'm worried that coronavirus is spreading, with the more damaging fear.

This blog generator has a Draft function. And I was trying to make a sound. I tried normal Small Talk, I tried sacrasm, I even have a halfway-finished short fiction.

But I can't put them into my blog.

These words are unorganized. They are topicless, just aimed at some surface and never hit the core. I have no specific one to blame. Of course I can blame it to Coronavirus, to Saudi's crude policy, to Capital manipulated public opinions, or we can just make this Destiny's fault.

We can use such scientifically-prooved analysis methods to calculate out another branch to be cut, and saying that's the chaos' root. Or even we can use the always-correct Marx's class analysis, and point out It's a Capitalism fate, or a Humanity loophole, or both of them.

These can solve nothing. Blaming and fault-discovering can solve nothing. We know we are experiencing the Sisyphus' stone, the unpreventable and looping financial crisis.

Marx's theory is even worse. He just sentenced the certainity, cut off the merely-existing hope, and educated the upper class to transfer contradiction into race, ethnic, nation, and even climate. Exploitee are still using 19th-century methods, as strike, gatherings, demostration, while capitals have their gunners, trumpeters, and spies upgraded to 21-century informationized.

Proletariats are less educated. They are taught to be familiar to work tools, but not an independent and creative thought. Marx pointed out a finish line, but not path to it. While exploitees are sunken in alcohol, marijuana, and entertainment contents generated just like by some automata, poisoning and filling their head with meaningless content, specialists have already memorized the Capital or Nation and Revolution, and designing surgical conterstrike on it.

My blog's Small-Talk should be out of politics for some time. Carpe Diem and live a shortsighted life.

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