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I'm an undergraduate student (since 2019) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in Computer Science.

Recent Activities

Watching Foundation by Apple.
Chinese alchemy, not the immortal approach.

Recent Works

[2021] Docker images for canvas_grab
Run canvas_grab as a daemon, grabing on schedules defined by crontab.

[2020-2021] Arch Linux packaging integrations with badly designed software
You may refer to the currently available ones below.
Matlab. Supports any versions from 2013b.
SJTU DNS acceleration configuration for DNScrypt-proxy.

[2021] Arch Linux based router
Based on Arch Linux and my own Arch package build and distribution system. After deprecating OpenWRT my dorm network has been fully taken by this router.
Pages are not fully prepared and will be released soon.
Now the router function was moved to RHEL. Firewalld is a much intuitive method to manage routing, and have a great webUI (by cockpit, Red Hat) to manage it.

[2021-2] Splatplost
A software-based SplatPost plotter.


I do not appreciate of the act of involution, so I license the creative assignments I do to everyone under the MIT license. You can view a detailed list at the link below.

Social and Contact

[Recommended] Mail me at [email protected]
My mail processing hours are
13:00-14:00 Working days
23:00-00:00 Everyday

Telegram @victrid
Replies could be delayed before and after exams.
Please do not send formal messages over Telegram. Mail is recommended.

Twitter @RealVictrid
Casual, PM is accepted.
Will be Banned without notice if tweet / retweet / like the contents below. If you think you should not be banned, mail me with your username.

I'm currently available for a relationship.

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Tools SJTUOJ answer sheet
EI114 Circuit Theory: learning materials
Status monitor
2048-like involution game