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I'm an undergraduate student (since 2019) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in Computer Science.

Recent Activities

Learning MA264 Mathematical Physics Method.


I do not approve of the act of involution, so I license the creative assignments I do to everyone under the MIT license. You can view a detailed list at the link below.

Recent Works

[2019-3] Memorable PGP key ID Generator
A fast PGP generator to generate specific patterns using CUDA.

[2019-3] RISC-V Simulator and related BASIC compiler
Simulator and compiler
A pipelined RISC-V Simulator, and BASIC compiler to this project, to MS125 Principle and Practice of Computer Algorithms.

[2019-2] STL vector, deque, and map implementation
Project to CS158 Data Structure (honours).

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EI114 Circuit Theory: learning materials
Turnip price predictor
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2048-like involution game